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get rid of love handles and build a strong core!!!

abdominal workout machine for pros
  • 2 large PVC Sturdy AB Wheels
  • 1 middle divider
  • 1 super strong heavy duty stainless steel bar
  • 2 comfortable luxury handles
  • 2 tension bands with foot hooks
  • 1 knee mat (34cm x 17cm x 0.9cm)
  • 1 travel carrying bag

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ab wheel roller for six pack abs

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abdominal exercise equipment
Best Ab Machine for toned core

Works all of these areas of your body:

upper back
lower back

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Perfect for

home or gym, from beginners to advanced users

ab roller for home or pro gym use

You can achieve from a
mild to an intense work out

it’s your choice

Please Note:

Serious injury can occur using this equipment if you do not follow the recommended usage instructions, over exert yourself, fail to secure the handles tightly or if you are pregnant. Anyone under the age of 18 should be supervised when using this equipment.

Consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise regimen using AB WOW.

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  • Double large PVC wheels (200mm diameter) evenly distributes weight.
  • Stainless steel handle bar with super luxury comfort grip.
  • Optional resistance bands included take your workout to next level
  • Super quiet wheels that won't scratch the floor
  • Includes free travel bag so you can take it with you wherever you go

Compare for yourself the superiority of the AB WOW

to the other cheaper and inferior ab wheels and ab rollers on the market

AB Wow

Ultra Strong Smooth Gliding Wheels, Premium Comfort Handle Grips and Tension Band Supports

Includes mat to protect your knees

Super strong steel bar

Super quiet wheels won’t disturb anyone
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Suggested Exercises

more details are included with your AB-WOW

This is the most common exercise to get a good burn and work your core. You can do it with or without the resistance bands. The bands make your back feel more stable if you connect the large loops over your shoes, and place the small loops over the grip handles.

Place both knees on the mat. Position the wheel in the space between your knees, so the handles are slightly beyond your knees. Grab a handle with each hand, with your palms facing down. Support your weight with straight arms and maintain an aligned spine as you slowly roll out to a horizontal position as far as you can in front of your body without falling or touching the floor. When you have reached as far as you can, slowly roll back up to the same vertical position you started in.